U.S. Flag and 2024 republican presidential debate

Here are my observations on last night’s 3rd 2024 Republican Presidential Debate.

First off, conducting an “official” debate without the supposed front runner participating is a waste of valuable airtime.

That said, it is airtime that makes money for the television network. So there’s that.

Secondly, the debate last night was a complete waste of time. Wait. I kind of said that already.

Finally, it wasn’t a debate. It was a tightly scripted Q & A. Anyone could have moderated it.

As to each candidate’s “performance?”

Here goes.

3rd 2024 Republican Presidential Debate: Candidate Performances

Starting from left to right…

Chris Christie

I’ll say one thing about Gov. Christie. He stays on point.

And much like me, he’s a hammer. He doesn’t hold back. Plus, he’s an excellent presenter. But he did screw up one thing.

Christie went down the “You can get an abortion up to your 9th month of pregnancy” B.S. rabbit hole. Uhh…you can’t have an abortion at 9 months.

That said, he did nothing to help his cause last night.

Nikki Haley

Here’s the problem with Haley.

The beginning of her stances make sense, and they’re generally on target for her base voter.

But what almost always happens is when she’s 80% done with her talking point, she blows it.

In other words, just when I think to myself that she’d make a pretty good leader, she visits stupidville. Except she didn’t last night. Here are some of her highlights:

The Other Republican Presidential Candidates

Ron DeSantis

Governor DeSantis is a strange person.

In addition, his communication skills are poor, his movements robotic, and his talking points during debates are too rehearsed to be taken seriously.

And as usual, he did nothing to increase his poll numbers. Why?

Because he’s not in the least bit “Presidential.”

Instead, he’s an angry guy who seemingly wants to limit individuality.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Said to be smart, I’m not convinced he is.

First off, he goes off on weird tangents that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Second of all, he deflects when asked questions.

Thirdly, he’s just not an honest person.

But he did accomplish one thing last night.

His antics have made him even more unlikeable…if that’s even possible. He’ll be out soon.

Tim Scott

When I think of Senator Scott, I can’t help thinking about the girlfriend his brilliant campaign manager helped create.

And to be blunt, I don’t for one minute think Scott has a girlfriend. Or has EVER had one. Enough said.

Scott is another one who talks and talks and leaves me feeling empty. And sleepy.

As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure why he’s running.

Did he do anything that would be considered a game-changer at last night’s 3rd Republican Presidential Debate?

Of course he didn’t.

He’s another one who will be out soon. Real soon.

Wrapping up, as I said at the beginning of this post, this debate was a complete waste of time.  

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