watch Scalise dodge the question

The recent George Stephanopoulos interview on ABC News with Congressman Steve (dodge the question) Scalise was painful to watch.

And while it’s nothing new…especially in our seemingly never-ending, Trump-infected, political landscape, it’s getting old.

Watch him dodge the question:


Would you like to know why Scalise wouldn’t answer the question?

He dodged the question because he’s owned by Donald Trump.

And the thing is, Scalise knows the truth. They all do.

But they seem to be with Trump until they can’t be with Trump.  

Even though Scalise and the others…hundreds of other elected officials, know the truth. 

Joe Biden won fair and square. 

That’s according to 60 judges. Most of them Republican

And Trump’s top election security official.

As to the New Rule, any politician being interviewed on television, radio, or a podcast,  Republican or Democrat, who won’t directly answer a question, who continues to dodge questions, get’s cut off. 

Enough already.  

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