Joe Biden & Tim Ryan (48561508181)

Former Congressman, Tim Ryan, says President Biden shouldn’t run. He said that during an interview with CNN’s Kasie Hunt.

I don’t think Trump should run. I don’t think President Biden should run. We have talent in the Democratic Party. There are some leaders in the Republican Party who are willing to take on the insurrectionists and take on Trump, and I think those candidates should be considered as well, but the whole country wants to move on,” Ryan said.

Ryan thinks it “would be the right thing to do,” although he’s doing a good job.

He also said that President Biden “saved the country by beating Trump.”

I’d say Ryan’s right on that.

But who would replace President Biden on the Democratic ticket?

Here are some names:


In addition, Democratic strategist and former Obama aid, David Axelrod suggested the same thing.

With that in mind, we have a choice.

  1. Re-elect President Biden.
  2. Elect Trump, and experience the downfall of our precious democracy.

Am I being dramatic?

Tim Ryan Is Wrong About Biden Not Running For President

What do you think?

Is this what you want?

if so, and if Trump became President again, there is no rewind button.