Unfortunately, I left my crystal ball in the other room, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes-the levee will break in time.

What levee?

The “I Believe In Trump” Levee.

It has to, right?

What’s Holding The Dirty Water Back

In most cases, the thing that’s stopping people with a brain in their head is ego.

In a nutshell, the folks who believe that DJT is “The Guy” refuse to admit they’ve been bamboozled. That they’ve been taken advantage of. Lied to. Don’t they get it?

What is it about them that when presenting with factual evidence, they go off on weird tangents and/or conspiracy theories? What are they reading? What news shows are they watching?

Will The Levee Break? More Specifically…

Do Trump supporters really believe that the events that happened on January 6th IN OUR CAPITOL were okay?

If you’re a police officer, why would you support and vote for someone who watched the police in charge of protecting THE CAPITOL get beat on with flagpoles and fire extinguishers? Tell me. Please!

And to my hardworking blue collar Trump-supporting friends…do you know Trump’s history with people like you?

I’m talking about the carpenters, electricians, and plumbers who built Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City that he stiffed years ago. Read Geez! The guy doesn’t even pay his lawyers!

Why don’t you care? After all, Trump is someone who, time and time again proves that he’s out for himself.

Can’t you just say it?

Say what?

That you made a mistake.

That you should’ve never voted for Trump, and you won’t be voting for him this time around.

Can you do that?

Or is your ego too big?

Look, if you can do it…if you can stop supporting Trump now…like right now, you could help the levee break before the 2024 Presidential election.

So please stop supporting a guy who is telling us what his plans are. Plans that will affect you.

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